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We and Our Trattoria

We and Our Trattoria - Antica Trattoria La Volpe

Our name comes from an old tradition of St. Gregory in the Alps (BL), ie the race of the village, where St. Gregory is represented precisely by a fox.
Of course, our fox is depicted in an amusing way, as the host we want to assure you, and with the addition of a flower, gentian (typical flower of the mountains), to represent our Belluno Dolomites National Park, in which we are immersed .
Our restaurant has a location almost a century, in the forties was known for good home cooking and the presence of two nice gestrici called "The moustached". Then in about fifty years until the end of 2002, was managed by the fam. "Giazzon", famous for the skewers on Larin, we hold today. Last but not least, we are there, first with Dad Alvise and now the two of us, that while maintaining the tradition of craftsmanship and tasty cuisine Neglia years we have learned enriched with traditions and new dishes brought from foreign experiences and indigenous ... ..

Ale & Barby

Ale & Barby - Antica Trattoria La Volpe

The two girls ... that you find on the side are:

 Barbara, left, and Alessia, right.

What about us:

- Barbara, friends Barby, follows the part about the service, is responsible to welcome you to present all that better offers our kitchen and bring you the best wines from our wine cellar to match what you will taste. Work with us for five years first as an employee now as an integral part.

- Alessia, friends Ale, however, is responsible for preparing all the food there, from appetizers to desserts and our grappa craft. After various experiences seasonal and the guidance of Father Alvise, Chef in the best restaurants in Canton Ticino and in other Italians working in this field for the past fifteen years having explored more areas, up from the bar to the kitchen which will draw greater estrus.

Dolomiti Park

Dolomiti Park - Antica Trattoria La Volpe

To make you understand the beauty of our valley click on the image or type:

Our Wine

Our Wine - Antica Trattoria La Volpe

..in our cellar ..... you can find a wide selection of wines from Piedmont, Veneto, Friuli, Tuscany, Sicily, Trentino and high altesini ...... to be combined with any food preference and taste it .... I'll be ecstatic .... !

Our Room

Our Room - Antica Trattoria La Volpe

.... The most appropriate adjectives to describe it are: rustic, intimate atmosphere with a touch of vanity which is not bad ...... During the reverse is welcomed by drone on and the evening takes a romantic mood by the light of candles ....

... Its maximum capacity is 35 people. (which by combining the second room connected to it will reach the 60 people), but on average there are 27 places ...

Antica Trattoria La Volpe

Antica Trattoria La Volpe